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2018-12-09 14:58
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Dear Jake

Thank you so much for your prayers and support during our recent Outreach in and near Istanbul. Praise God! We have some new brothers/sisters who have come into the Kingdom this past week! Hallelujah! Please read below for more prayer requests for different individuals and people who need our prayers as a result of the outreach.

Again, all prayer requests are in blue color below.
So millions of Muslims would LOVE the Messiah,
-Peter, Cindy, David, Nora, & Faith
The Oh's: Serving Arabs from the Middle East since 2005.

Our recent outreach involved 6 short-term team members from Jordan and Egypt. They came to pray, evangelize, and meet contacts throughout Istanbul, and to help our team with outreach and follow-up. Of course, they were all native speakers of Arabic, and were able to build good relationships and repoire with other native Arabs in the city. It was greatly helpful.

We had a special 3 days of outreach to three special areas (Bursa, Aksaray, Sultanbeyli). There were lots of good meetings, but we only have space to give brief updates on some meetings that happened in each area. Each person's name has been initialized for security purposes:

BURSA: (region in Turkey, 2 hours south of Istanbul. High concentration of Syrian and Iraqi refugees)
   Our team met "S", a Syrian man in the market who had been wondering where he could get a copy of the Injeel (gospels). When he heard that our team had a copy, he was very excited. They met the team the next day along with his friend. "S" shared that after he had met them, he had a dream the night before that he was in a car traveling to Istanbul to meet our team leader, but there was nobody in the driver's seat. His friends also came but in a different car. After their meeting, they continued their journey back to Bursa but all in the same car. The team shared the gospel with them, and at that time did not accept, but "S" is still continuing to read the Injeel. Please pray that "S" would continue to read, discuss it with his friends, and together they would discover the Truth and start a new fellowship of Syrian believers in this city.

AKSARAY: (district in Istanbul on European side with a huge concentration of Arabs. It is also an area known for prostitution and drugs)
"I" was a media contact we received through our company's website campaign this month. Our team met him in Aksaray. What an incredible story he had. When in Syria, he was captured by Islamic militants and were threatened to be killed. They told him they would cut off two of his limbs on his body. He and one other fellow was captured and threatened. He prayed a lot to Allah to save him. The next day, they were transported blindfolded to another location and though he was blindfolded, he heard with his own ears the cutting off of the limbs of the other captive. After that, they told him, "Tomorrow, it's your turn." That day, he concluded in his heart that Allah, the god of Islam, was not the true God. Then, through some amazing circumstances, he was released and was able to run. He immediately ran and fled for his life to Turkey. He made his way to Istanbul, where he was residing with his brother. Because he was searching for the true God, he made contact with our website team. Before he was to meet our team, he had managed to arrange 10,000 Turkish Lira so he can obtain passageway to Europe and migrate. But the day he was to travel, his money was stolen from him. That's why he was available in Istanbul to meet with our team. After hearing the gospel from our team, he accepted the message. He acknowledged that his loss of the money was a God-thing, because the value of knowing Christ was priceless compared to the 10,000 lira. Since then, his brother found out about his faith and kicked him out of the house. He is sleeping at his workplace during the week and staying with a friend on weekends. He states, "I have already lost everything for Christ. What more do I have to be afraid of." His faith is strong. He is even sharing with his friend on weekends, but his friend is afraid to accept after seeing what happened to "I" getting kicked out of his house.

SULTANBEYLI: (district in Istanbul on Asian aside w the largest concentration of Syriansith, and an area known for very conservative fundamentalists)
The women's team went to this area. They were able to meet various people in the street, restaurants, and near the community center in the neighborhood. They were invited over to one house where they were able to drink tea together. They tried to open up the conversation to spiritual matters. They were polite, but the conversation didn't seem to get too deep into the gospel. This area is a dark area, but we are thankful that we were able to enter a home. It will be a good start to future endeavors in this area.

   For some time now, there has been an opportunity to possibly start a house church with one family. Our other team family has been meeting them (Peter had a chance to meet them once). There is no husband (disappeared during the war in Syria). The mother "A" is a firm believer and has caught the vision to see an Arab church planted. In her house, she has small fellowship and sometimes a Bible study together with another Yemeni and Iraqi believer. Please pray that there be wisdom in starting something here, that the Arabs would own it, that the vision and desire for this to happen be based on something that would honor God and expand His kingdom in this city. 
We leave the map below so you can continue to look at it and pray with us about these areas....
Zoom in on your device to get a clearer picture of the map.

Cindy and the kids went in last week for their interviews. Although we applied for 2 years, they were told that only 1 year is the maximum allowed, so they allowed them to only apply for 1 year. We know others have received 2 years, but it really does depend on the whims of the officers who interview you. So the applications have been submitted, and they were told that within the next 3 months, they will receive a text message indicating whether they have been approved or not, and if so, they will receive their residency permits in the mail after that. So please keep praying for a speedy process for our 1-year visas, and that there would be the approval text message coming soon. 
SUMMARY OF PRAYER REQUESTS - Pray for our family.... that we would be spiritually healthy (in prayer, in the Word, in love with God, and doing well in community with others); and that our children would grow in relationship to the Lord, especially as the older ones are now teens. 
Residency Permits would be approved soon. We need to receive that approval text message. Peter will renew his in March.  
- For "I": Growth in Christ, God's provision, and experience in the reality of Jesus as one who answers prayers and is always with Him, despite difficult circumstances.
- For "S": as he reads the Injeel, God's Spirit would draw him to Himself; and that will be shared and discovered with his friends.
"A" and possible house church: wisdom, vision, ownership, and unity. 
Sultanbeyli: that God might open the doors in this neighborhood.

Thank you always for your partnership in prayer!!!!
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