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2019-05-23 14:25
Thank you for not posting or distributing this update.                                          MAR-APR 2019
Dear Jake

"Allah!!!! Allah!!!! There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah!!!" he shouted, as Peter and Cindy, as well as his wife and children all urged to study and listen to God's word from the New Testament. But he was adamant. He said it was not right for us to listen to it because they had their religion and we had ours. He screamed so loud that it stopped everyone in their tracks, and his family was even very upset with him for behaving so offensively. We felt the spiritual battle for this family and our hearts ached to see them study the Word and discover God's glorious Messiah. Please keep praying for Amin (not real name).

Thank you always for standing with us. Again, all prayer requests are in blue color below.
So millions of Muslims would LOVE the Messiah,
-Peter, Cindy, David, Nora, & Faith
The Oh's: Serving Arabs from the Middle East since 2005.
DALIA & AMIRA'S HOME GROUPS (not real names)

One of our team's visions is to start house churches in homes of Arabs. In order to do this, there are steps preceding it: meet Arabs, share spiritual truth (testimony, Scripture, story), invite them to study the Word of God, increase the individual into a group, study God's word as a group, lead the group to faith in Christ, and then begin a house church. It is exciting to see how through Cindy's work at the Mom n' Tots weekly program, a couple groups have started. One is in Dalia's home, where her father approved of the studies; and another is in Amira's home where other women come together to study about stories from the Bible.Please pray with us that these studies would spark true discovery of who God and Jesus is, that they would fall in love with the true God and Jesus, and decide together to follow Him.  


We received a contact through media who wanted to meet someone. Peter and our Egyptian partner went to meet him. Ali had decided to become a Christian two years ago while in Syria. We asked why he wanted to be a Christian. He replied, "Because of the contradictions I see in Islam, because I lived through this horrible war, and also because my great grandfather was a Christian before he converted to Islam." We shared with him that being a Christian is much more than just changing the group that you affiliate with, it's about a real living relationship with Jesus. We shared the gospel with him, and he agreed to meet again. We met him again for a meal and since then he had finished the entire gospel of Luke, and we gave him a copy of the New Testament. The next week, we shared even more and he professed faith and prayed in his own simple way calling on the name of the Lord.

We encouraged him to share with someone, and he did. Our next meeting, he invited his cousin, and we all met and got to know one another. We explained to his cousin (who is not a believer yet) that when we meet, we study a passage from the Gospels, discuss it together, and share with one another. He said he was interested to meet again, so we will meet next Sunday. Please pray that Ali's faith will solidify more, and that his cousin will be touched by the gospel and come to faith.


Peter and our Egyptian partner also went to an area called Gebze right outside the Eastern border of Istanbul. This is the area where Ali lives. We discovered that there are thousands of Syrians who reside in this area. Ali himself says that he has nearly 1500 relatives in Turkey, and many currently live in this area. We found three streets filled with Syrian shops, which means there is a high concentration of Syrians nearby. We talked with a few shopkeepers. Some were quite conservative and fundamental; others seemed a bit normal. This is an area which we feel may have some potential. We plan to continue visiting this area and praying to meet more people who may be open to the gospel. 


As we write this update, it is the last day of our team from Jordan who had come to help with follow-up, evangelism, and discipleship meetings. We thank God for all of them, and the fruit and influence they had on some people that our team had already been working with, and the new people whom they were able to meet also. Please pray that the follow-up and fruit of their labor here will last for eternal purposes, and that this will contribute to future house churches forming throughout this city.


We praise God that Peter received an approval text message saying he was approved for his residency permit. However, we have yet to receive his physical card in the mail yet, and it has been nearly a month. Please pray that there would be no complications or hiccups, and that the permit will arrive in the mail soon.   
SUMMARY OF PRAYER REQUESTS - Pray for our family.... that we would always be spiritually healthy (in prayer, in the Word, in love with God, and doing well in community with others); and that our children would grow in relationship to the Lord, especially as the older ones are now teens.

- Praise God for Peter's approval for his residency. Please keep praying for Peter's residency permit to arrive in the mail quickly.  

- For "Dalia & Amira's home groups": that these studies of Bible stories will lead to lasting spiritual change and eventually a personal relationship with Jesus for all participants. That house churches might form from them. 

- For "Ali" & cousinFor Ali's newfound faith to grow exponentially. His cousin would also come to faith, and that others will be invited from their community and come to faith.

"Amin and family": that Amin would have a change of heart to the Bible, and that he would not be used by the Enemy to prevent his family to know the Lord. Wisdom for us if and/or how to approach them again.

GEBZE: For God to open doors into this neighborhood and lead us to the families he wants us to know and reach.

Cindy's legswould you also pray for Cindy's legs? After a running injury, it has not been the same and her muscles have been giving her lots of trouble. It is difficult for her to walk for any normal length of time. She is undergoing physical therapy but we are asking for quick healing.

Thank you always for your partnership in prayer!!!!
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