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2019-08-14 15:22
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Thank you for not posting or distributing this update.                                        MAY-JUNE 2019
Dear Jake

In the aftermath of Ramadan, there are many Muslims who are refueled in their commitments to pray and fast for favor in the sight of Allah. Some of these are amongst those with whom we are studying the Injeel.  Please fight the spiritual battle with us for these precious souls.

Thank you always for standing with us. Again, all prayer requests are in blue color below.

So millions of Muslims would LOVE the Messiah,
-Peter, Cindy, David, Nora, & Faith
The Oh's: Serving Arabs from the Middle East since 2005.
In last week's VBS program, Cindy led two discussions on the topics of "Parenting" and "Self-Care"
The moms had an awesome time playing games and getting to laugh and enjoy themselves while most of the kids participated in VBS.
David also helped out with VBS games with the kids.
The Mom N Tots program that I, Cindy, serves at holds a VBS week for all the 100+ children. This year, Cindy helped develop and run a full program for the mothers. It was a joyous occasion as women from Afghani and Arab backgrounds gathered to hear about raising teenagers, ask advice from nurses, play silly games, and dance at an Arab party! Many hearts opened up and they truly felt ministered to. Some of these women were married at 15 or 16, so have been carrying the responsibility of managing the home and raising children since those young years. Lack of finances and resources leave many of them very very tired; yet they continue on. Please pray as we follow-up with these opened hearts.
Bonus: David helped run the games station for the kids. It was also a joy to see him sweat and work hard in order to serve these children.

Amira is a conversative Muslim Syrian who gathers 2 friends together to have women’s time and study the Bible with Cindy. One of her friends, Eliza is the most spiritually hungry in the group and the Lord is granting her insight and faith into the Word. She wants to invite another friend to the group for the next meeting.
This women’s meeting has also become a time when the women can share their burdens and laugh together. This is important for refugee women who don’t have their usual extended family from back home to carry their burdens and enjoy life together. One of these women is named Eesha. She lives with her 3 children, her husband, but also her husband’s first wife and the first wife’s children, one of whom is married and also lives in the house with them. It is crowded, noisy, and tense. Eesha is the unloved, unfavored second wife and she feels that living under such circumstances is a living “hell.” Please pray that Jesus’ great love for her would transform her to be a minister to her family.

Dalia and her family (Syrian) give bread to the poor every Thursday, in hopes that this act will bring them protection on their holy day, Friday. They also rub a piece of wood on their lips before every prayer, believing that this wood is from the Tree of life from the Garden of Eden. They believe this will also protect their family from evil spirits and harm. Dalia’s family practices folk Islam but they despise the fighting between Muslims and admire Christian marriages for their longevity and peacefulness. May the Lord show them that the only true protection is by abiding in Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for their Bible study meetings with Cindy.
Peter (and our Egyptian teammate) have been meeting with Ali on a regular basis. We have studied Scriptures, and as we mentioned before, he has professed faith. He told us he had finished reading the whole New Testament. He is single and lives alone with his mother. The other day, we visited him in his home to a very nice meal. His mother did not sit with us as they come from a very conservative family. As we talked, we were shocked to hear him say they’ve decided to escape to Europe in hopes of a better life. Many Syrians feel there is no future for them in Turkey and aspire to move to the West. The method of escaping to Europe for them seems risky and dangerous to us. The truth is, Ali is a Syrian refugee who is in the best living circumstances than anyone we have met so far. He has an accounting job at a big Turkish food distribution company, a very decent salary, great neighbors who don’t complain about them at all (which is often common), and free medical care as a refugee. We challenged him to be content and to not live for the things of this world. He agreed to pray that evening to ask God to show him clearly if he should go or not. Later, he told us that he felt God would either close the door if He didn’t want them to go; but let it continue on if God did want them to go.Please pray that God would convict his heart to serve Him, and not only serve himself. He has also written 10 names among his relatives whom he is starting to pray for their salvation. Pray that this would also spark in him a desire to see his people come to know Him.

Peter met again with Adam after a long break from communication with him. He is still jobless and in very dire needs. He pulled out 4 coins from his pocket and said this is all he has left to live on (amounting to about 25 cents). Peter encouraged him that God is near and does not sleep or slumber. He was encouraged and more hopeful. Please pray that God provide a job for him very soon. He is a fellow brother and believer.

On July 4-5, the men on our team + one Egyptian partner who will come short-term are planning to go outside Istanbul to different cities to meet with some former contacts and also try to meet new people on the streets and markets to reach out. Please pray God would lead us to divine appointments, that we’d be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and that God would “show up” on our trip.

Please pray with us for this new development. In the past few months, over 18 workers like ourselves have been given an entry ban on their passports. Subsequently, many people have had to leave Turkey. This is very serious and devastating. Lots of people are in mourning and fear. Our older children heard about this news, and they are worried that we might get deported again. Please pray that these entry bans would stop, for protection on our family, and for God’s sovereign will to prevail.
Longer video that will break your heart about what some Syrian teens have resorted to after they escaped and fled to Greece. Hoping that Ali and others would not end up like this.... (warning: mature subject matter)
SUMMARY OF PRAYER REQUESTS - Pray for our family.... that we would always be spiritually healthy (in prayer, in the Word, in love with God, and doing well in community with others); and that our children would grow in relationship to the Lord, especially as the older ones are now teens.

- Praise God: Peter's residency permit arrived in the mail. He was granted 2 years of residency.

- For 
"Mom 'n Tots women": as we follow up with them, that Jesus would touch them and reveal Himself to them. 
- For "Eesha & her family": that Jesus' great love for her would transform her to be a minister to her family, even as the "second wife". 

- For "Dalia & family": that the Lord show them that true protection comes from Jesus. 

- For "Ali": that God convict him to live for Him rather than just his personal circumstances. And that God close or open the door to his escape to Europe. That God give him an increased heart to reach his family and relatives.

"Adam": one simple request - that he find a job soon.

Outside Istanbul Trip: divine appointments, Holy Spirit's leading, God's special touch in our trip.
Entry Bans and Deportations for Workers: that God end these entry bans and deportations; that God may protect our family from these incidents if He desires us to continue here; for ultimately God's will to prevail in this situation in Turkey.

Cindy's legsthank you for your prayers for Cindy's legs. Honestly, she's still on the mend. She does feel better, but the recovery is slow. Please join us and pray with us for complete healing and recovery.

Thank you always for your partnership in prayer!!!!
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